The Wahl's Protocol

So it's been one full week that I have been on the Wahl's Protocol. I wasn't expecting to see changes within just one week and I honestly didn't notice them at first. But, this past weekend, I was out to eat at a restaurant with a fixed menu. I tried to stick to the protocol as much as I could but I just know that I took in small amounts of gluten and dairy. That night, I felt different. I felt so full, bloated, and just all together crummy. 

You may be reading this wondering what the heck the is the Wahl's Protocol or the even the Autoimmune Protocol. Essentially, these protocols use diet to eliminate unwanted inflammation and reset your immune system. The Wahl's Protocol takes it a step further and looks to nourish the mitochondria of our cells. I wanted to try this diet because if I am going to recommend strict diets to my patients, I want to know what it feels like. So here I am.

The Wahl's Protocol (Level One) specifically eliminates gluten, dairy, eggs, high-fructose corn syrup, processed meats, many different oils, MSG, and many other food items. It also focuses on consuming 9 cups of fruits and vegetables (3 cups greens, 3 cups sulfur-rich, 3 cups color). As a vegetarian, I still consume soaked, sprouted legumes as my main source of protein. Otherwise consuming animal proteins are preferred. 

I am beginning to develop new recipes that fit in the Wahl's Protocol and the Autoimmune Protocol and I will be sharing information on how this diet is affecting my life. This diet is very different from the low FODMAP diet, so I have created a separate part of my webpage to store recipes that fit this diet. If you have been on the low FODMAP diet for a while and are still not back to 100%, depending on your symptoms, one of these protocols might be a good fit for you.